Two Parent Families

For those parents who are legally married or cohabitating with a partner, you need to plan for your spouse and your children. 

The Types of Families We Serve

Single Parent Families

Single parents living on their own have special needs when it comes to protecting their kids and providing for them. Whether there's a co-parent or not, single parents should take the time to understand what could happen in an emergency. 

LGBT Families

unmarried couples who are either solidifying their relationship through proper planning or dissolving their relationship with the assistance of caring counsel.

Blended Families

Blended families negotiating the challenges of creating new relationships with varying expectations.

Non-Resident Aliens Families

If you or your spouse, or both, are not U.S. citizens, you have unique child custody and gift/estate tax issues that require specific attention beyond what other couples may encounter. We can help you navigate these complexities so you can rest easy that your family would be provided for and children cared for by the guardians you choose in this or your country of origin.

Multi-Generational Families

Families today are rarely simple .  Often  two or more generations or non-consecutive generations live together. Grandparents, kids, grandkids and other extended family members should all be considered in these circumstances.